About Joey

(508) 574-5995 | joey.neilson@verizon.net

Joey Neilson has spent decades delivering technical training in Asia-Pacific and in North America.  After service in the US Navy as a Data System Technician working in Satellite Data Communication, Joey joined the Burroughs Corporation.  Working as a customer engineer, he established preventive maintenance procedures that increased customer satisfaction at Burroughs’s largest customer in Honolulu.  To expand his computer expertise, he joined Wang Laboratories’ Asia Pacific HQ as an Area Technical Specialist.   His primary roles included support of Office Information Systems and delivery of training to customer engineers from Hawaii to Indonesia.  He was a member of the team that designed and staffed the Asia Support Centre in Hong Kong.  He later moved to Wang HQ in Massachusetts as a technical trainer, where he was a member Wang AIX training team. Joey then joined Clam Associates (renamed Availant, sold to Lakeview Tech) as a member of their AIX, HACMP(PowerHA) training group.  Since 2006 Joey has been an independent consultant specializing in training IBM’s AIX, Cloud, GPFS (Spectrum Scale), HACMP (PowerHA), Linux, and Power products as owner of Hawaiian Islands Unlimited.

IMB Certified Advanced Technical Expert

An IBM 2006 Advanced Technical Expert, he currently delivers the following courses:

  • AL32 – Korn & Bash shell Programming
  • AN10 – AIX I (UNIX Basics)
  • AN11 – LPAR Configuration
  • AN12 – AIX II (System Administration)
  • AN14 – AIX Jumpstart for Unix Professionals
  • AN15 – AIX III (Problem Determination)
  • AN21 – AIX TCP/IP
  • AN51 – AIX IV (Performance)
  • AN57 – AIX Security
  • AN30 – LPAR I (Dual VIOS and IVE)
  • AN31 – LPAR II Performance
  • AN61 – PowerHA I 7.1 (Implementation)
  • AN62 – PowerHA II 7.1 (Advance Configuration)
  • H005 – Spectrum Scale 5.0 (Basic Administration)
  • H006 – Spectrum Scale 5.0 Advance Administration for Linux
  • H008 – Spectrum Scale 5.0 Remote Data Access
  • H010 – Platform LSF 9.1 (Configuration & Administration)
  • H023 – LSF 9.1 Administration for Linux
  • LX021 – Linux Power User
  • LX030 – Linux System Administration
  • LX071 – Power Systems Running Linux: Server Administration
  • QZC30G – Move to Cloud with IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager
  • QZC35G – Implementing PowerVC Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)